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Welcome to the Jubilee City! This area is known for its southern hospitality and the natural phenomenon called the Jubilee. Fun fact: the two main places known to have this event is along the Eastern Shore and Tokyo Bay in Japan! So whether you're here to enjoy this amazing event or just to hang out in this area, you're bound to have plenty of fun at local shops, parks, shorelines, and more.


Population (City Limits):

2020 EST.                            28,777

2010 CENSUS                     21,570

2000 CENSUS                     16,581


Population Growth from 2010-2019:



Estimated Population by Race:

White                                  79.5%

Black                                   14.9%

Hispanic/Latino                   3.5%

Asian                                   1.6%

Two or More Races             2.8%


Estimated Population by Sex:

Male                                   48%

Female                               52%

Population 25+ with High School Diploma or Higher: 96.4%

Population 25+ with Bachelor's Degree or Higher: 40.7%

Est. Median Household Income (2018 dollars): $74,701

Per Capital Income in past 12 months (2018 dollars): $33,237

Owner-occupied Housing Unit Rate: 66.6% 

Local Property Taxes:

1 Mills Is 1/10 Or A Cent= 0.001

Total State: 6.5 Mills

Total County: 9.5 Mills

District 1 School Rates: 10.0 Mills

District 2 School Rates: 12.0 Mills

Retail Sales Tax:

City: 4%

County: 2.5%

State: 2.5%

Total: 9.5%


Robin LeJeune

City Council:

Tommie Conaway, District 1

Steve Olen, District 2

Joel Coleman, District 3

Doug Goodlin, District 4

Ron Scott, District 5

Benjamin Hughes, District 6

Angie Phillips, District 7

City Clerk:

Candice Antinarolla

City Attorney:

Jay Ross

Finance Director: 

Kellie Kichler Reid

Police Chief:

Brian Gulsby

Fire Chief:

LeAnn Tacon

City of Daphne

1705 Main Street

PO Box 400

Daphne, AL 36526

Phone: 251.620.1000

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