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Seller Questions Baldwin County ARK Real Estate Amy Cuny Buying Selling Listing


Is now the time to sell?

How do I get my home ready to sell? 

Do I need to have an inspector come to my home and should I make repairs?

Why does each agent I interview have a different market value for my home?

How do I decide to list my home for? 

What determines market value?

How long will it take to sell my home?

Should I look for and/or buy a home before I sell or while I am selling my current one?

How does my agent get paid when selling my house?

Are real estate commissions negotiable?

How much will I take home after closing my home?

How often do I get updates? Will I be working with you or a team?

Will you explain the listing to closing process?

What are my responsibilities as a home seller?

How will agent get in to my home to show their clients?

What do I need to disclose to home buyers?

What do I leave behind when I sell my home?

Why should I hire you to help me sell my home?

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