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Before you go designer crazy and renovate your whole home, read this… 🔨🏡

Not all renovations are smart renovations.

If you’re strategic about your projects, you’ll be rewarded with a high ROI 💰. If not, you may find the money you put into your home won’t come back 😬.

The word for doing renovations is moderation.

Don’t overdo and don’t spend too much 🚫💸.

Here are 5 overrated renovations:

Upscale bathroom renovations 🛁: Don’t rebuild the bathroom if you don’t need to. Instead, focus on finding budget-friendly fixtures and a vanity to replace an outdated bathroom.

Upscale kitchen renovations 🍽: Completely rearranging the layout of your kitchen is pricey. Instead, try painting cabinets, changing fixtures, and adding a backsplash.

Additions 🏠: Unless you plan to stay in your home forever, an addition will provide a low ROI of 45%.

Major landscaping features 🌳: Think outdoor kitchens, gazebos, putting greens, etc.

Trendy fixtures 💡: While you may love the look of thousand-dollar faucets and light fixtures, buyers may prefer a traditional look.

Remember—what’s worth the extra money can be subjective.

If you don’t plan on staying in your home forever, don’t go all in on the projects. 💡

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