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Dodge These 7 Homebuyer Pitfalls for a Seamless Purchase Victory

Updated: Feb 28

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Homeownership is a source of great satisfaction for most, contributing significantly to overall lifestyle contentment. But, this doesn't mean that homebuyers are entirely free of regrets regarding their choices. Many new homeowners are open about sharing the mistakes they made and the lessons they've learned.

The good news is that you don't have to make your own mistakes to learn valuable lessons. Here, we outline the most frequently encountered homebuyer regrets.

Spending too much, or too little:  Spending a bit too generously on your dream home? It's okay to stretch a little, but many new homebuyers regret splurging on what they thought they needed. On the flip side, picking the cheapest house without considering its condition or resale value can lead to serious buyer's remorse.

Not shopping for a mortgage: With the rise of interest rates, it is essential to thoroughly evaluate all mortgage choices before reaching a decision. Failing to fully understand the mortgage terms, including interest rates and potential future adjustments, can result in financial strain.

Rushing into the home purchase: In a competitive market, the pressure to move quickly can lead to regrettable decisions, whether it's about the house, neighborhood, or city. Rushing the process and succumbing to impulsive decisions may result in a home that falls short of long-term needs or financial capabilities, especially when neglecting thorough research on the neighborhood's compatibility with lifestyle preferences, commute expectations, or safety concerns.

Miscalculating the cost of homeownership: Homeownership comes with numerous additional expenses like maintenance, repairs, upgrades, taxes, and insurance. Overlooking these hidden costs, including property taxes, maintenance, and homeowners' association fees, can result in significant financial stress.

Underestimating the time or cost of renovations: Ignoring the home's condition, especially when purchasing a fixer-upper without a clear understanding of the extent of needed repairs, can lead to more expenses and stress than anticipated. New homeowners frequently lack the skills to complete necessary work, resulting in half-finished or poorly executed projects.

Choosing a home that doesn’t fit: It's tempting to be captivated by a stunning view or a chef's kitchen, but if your future requires four bedrooms, prioritize a home that meets those needs. Underestimating future needs by choosing a home that doesn't accommodate potential changes in family size, lifestyle, or job location can result in outgrowing the space sooner than expected.

Not using a REALTOR®: Numerous prospective homebuyers attend open houses and opt to utilize the services of the seller's agent as a means of cost-saving—a trend that is more prevalent than one might assume. However, not consulting with professionals, such as real estate agents, mortgage professionals, or home inspectors, can lead to uninformed decisions, emphasizing the importance of seeking expert advice in the home-buying process.

To minimize these regrets homebuyers must conduct thorough research, take their time in the decision-making process, and seek advice from experienced professionals.

Avoid looking back on your home purchase with regrets by taking note of these common mistakes before you embark on the journey.

Source: ARK Real Estate 2.19.2024

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