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Get your home ready to sell (or at least, get organized)!

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Moving sucks. I hate it. I’ve done it so many times and I’ll probably do it again. That doesn’t mean I love to do it.

But to make it easier, I do follow a simple ✅ checklist like this one. I’ve been asked for a checklist so many times lately that I decided to share it.

So, this is for those thinking 🤔 about #sellingyourhome 🏡 or just wanting to get organized.

Whenever I decide to sell my home, I ALWAYS start with the 3 Declutter “Piles”: Trash, Donate & Sell.

Start with 1 room, stay there until you. are done with it, then and only then, move on to the next room.

You will need:

1. A positive attitude and patience

2. Music, to keep you on pace

3. Big trash bags, 33 gallon and the larger contractor bags (for trash)

4. Black Sharpie 🖊 markers, scissors (just in case), tape, blank mailing labels

Top to bottom 🔽 left to right ▶️

For every item you are NOT taking with you, do 1 of 3 things:

A. Trash 🗑- If broken, heavily used/worn or unusable

B. Sell 💵 - If you don’t use or want an item AND you plan on having a yard sale 🪧or selling online

*(put a sticker - and put some tape on it for extra hold- & price on it - put in an area in the home close to the garage for easy transport) Use smaller trash bags for transport.

(*Note* If you don’t want to price it right then, at least put a sticker on it so you know you are selling it)

C. Donate 🚘 📦- if you aren’t taking it with you, trashing or selling - take a picture and send group message to friends and family asking for takers and/or put in your car to drop off at donation site

Hope this helps. I do this every time and it really works. Don’t get distracted or overwhelmed. Do 1 room at a time and you’ll get there.

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Clean up that house and get it ready to sell!

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