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There’s a story behind every home buy, each buyer had needs and goals they need to achieve.

This super cool family I’ve been working with have had such a exasperating 🤯 time trying to find a home.

1st ✳️ they are out of town

2nd ✳️ they have a very specific budget & needs for & in a home

3rd ✳️ they have a specific location where they need to be

4th ✳️ there is limited inventory of homes for sale

5th ✳️ the homes on the market go under contract like we’ve never seen b4 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ 🏃

As soon as homes hit the market, we scheduled virtual showings 💻 asap & hustled 🏃‍♀️ to go see.

On this journey, I’ve been almost hit in the head by a golf ball 🏌🏻, lost my car 🔑 keys, been caught in the rain 🌧 right b4 the showing (no☂); but, those hiccups don’t compare to their “buying a home” struggles.

I’m so happy to say they are finally under contract 📝 !!!

@aprilhunthomes was such an integral part to getting our contract worked out and I’m happy we will be working together to get both families to the closing table.

Are you ready to sell and want someone to help you get into the next one with expertise, negotiation skills and knowledge of purr market & the economy?

I’m your #realtor ⭐️

Connect with me to get going

“Changing the way you think about buys & selling real estate.”

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