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Top 8 Reno Trends to Expect in 2022

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

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With the uncertainty in the real estate market, sellers are now choosing to turn their own homes into exactly what they want. We are going to see more functional, environmentally friendly and durable spaces.

1. Office Spaces that Function!

As we all know, one of the new "norms" we are experiencing in America includes remote work. Folks are focused on "at home" work areas as opposed to what we used to know and do: sit on our couches with a laptop or work at the kitchen counter. Finding yourself working at home and getting distracted? You aren't alone. Remote employees have recognized they are easily distracted and aren't as productive. Homeowners are opting to invest in creating that dedicated workspace. Converting a separate dining room into an office has become common as well as splitting up bonus rooms by adding walls and a door.

2. Outdoor Spaces that Rock!

I love this trend and, fortunately, it looks like this trend is here to stay! We are seeing across the board that people have become ridden with "cabin fever" and are wanting to spend more time outdoors since COVID hit. Homeowners are putting in pools, soothing water features, outdoor kitchens, fire pits and outdoor living areas. People have learned that they can "getaway" in their own surroundings. COVID made many appreciate being outdoors and helped relieve the mundaneness of sitting at home all day. Bonus...the vitamin D!

3. Tech for the Home that Works!

The entire world is experiencing technological growth in all areas exponentially and homes are no exception. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is slowly becoming more popular due to voice assistants like Alexa or Siri and being incorporated into homes across the U.S. We are also seeing people put in eco-friendly smart thermostats that help cut down on utility bills. You can even get fit in your own home with exercise tech like Smart Mirror, Smart Trainer, or different apps. New technology is also making us safer in our homes. With smart home security systems, you can watch and monitor your home on your phone, tablet, iPad, computer and even your wrist!

4. Go Bold at Home!

We will be seeing brighter, bolder colors trending in 2022. These colors have an

uplifting "happy" affect on the psyche. Such colors as burnt oranges, pinks, ocean blues and nature greens will be popping up throughout homes. What goes around, comes around and wallpaper is no exception. We will be seeing people hopping back onto the wallpaper trend with patterns showing off their personalities.

5. Durable Surfaces that Can Take the Heat!

Laminate countertops won't cut it anymore. Homeowners want materials that last. Solid surface counters will replace the tile and laminates of yesteryear. Also, some are turning to acrylic solid surfaces that may not need additional maintenance. Cleaning has become something we do more. We will be seeing the implementation of installing products for the home that hold up to the more frequently cleanings that we are doing whether due to COVID or just being at home.

6. Do the Hustle!

This year, another trend we will be seeing closets, rooms and other areas being used as "side-hustle" spaces. They are popping up all around the country! Every generation is expressing creativity through crafts such as candle making, woodworking, clothing monogramming and starting other boutique businesses out of their homes. There is a need for a space to store boxes, supplies and products as well as the space to help people create their products.

7. Be Friendly to the Environment!

Homeowners are investing in eco-friendly solutions such as solar power panels, solar roof vents, efficient cooling and heating systems, energy-efficient lighting, water-saving toilets and much more. We will be seeing more at-home gardens that are indoors and outdoors for fresh produce. I had a back deck small garden last year and have quadrupled my garden this year. Taking it just a little further than I would go, homeowners are also investing in poultry and livestock and are building areas on their properties to house them.

8. Texture Brings Personality!

You may not know but the sense of touch affects our opinions, decisions and behavior. Touch affects our sense of well-being. After so long being away from others and social settings, it makes perfect sense that we are seeing textures in homes becoming a huge trend right now; and, no we are NOT talking about popcorn ceilings! Homeowners will being putting in brick and faux brick walls and accents, wood accents, textured wallpapers such as grasscloth, trim work and wainscoting, textured fabrics, different metals, glass and more. We obviously want our homes unique to our lifestyles but we are seeing people wanting to make their spaces a touch more personal adding another dimension to the home experience.

All in all, a trend is a trend. Throw them at the wall and some of them stick! Some won't last and some we could see for years. Who knows?!

Out of these 8 trends, which one could you see yourself adding to your home? The options are endless to make your home uniquely "you" and you might find the renovations process therapeutic. Who knows?


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