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What raises a red flag for you when looking for a home?

A B C or D? For me it would be "D". Start with the obvious then move down the list... For me... #1 is the DOM - days on the market. ❓Is it overpriced? Is it not kept up? Are the sellers not willing to negotiate? Are the properties around it not well kept? #2 is any unusual-ness in the photos. ❓Does the home have interior and exterior photos? Are there 2 pictures or 50? If there aren't many pics, why? #3 is the general condition of the home. ❓Is the property maintained? Is the home kept up and keep clean? How does it smell?: clean, like pets 🐶, like smoke 🚬? Is the floor slanting when I walk through? Is there major settling? Is the heat or air on depending on the weather outside? Are there any obvious leaks or patches that might have been leaks? Do I see any black looking material on the walls, trim, coming from the AC vents, etc.? Need someone to help you navigate the waters of finding the right home for you? Call | text me at 251.709.4331 Amy Cuny, Broker/Owner @ ARK Real Estate #localbusiness I am NEVER to busy to help you with your real estate needs! . . #findhomefairhope #findhome #realestate #realestateagent #fairhopealabama #redflag #lookingforhome #realtor #fairhoperealtor #fairhoperealestate #locallyowned #findahome

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